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Young Joe Cortez:

The journey began in Spanish Harlem New York City when, with older brother Mike, Joe Cortez came into boxing while following one of the great latino heroes of the time, welterweight contender Gaspar "Indian" Ortega from Tijuana Mexico. The two competed at the highest levels of amateur boxing, and became the very first brother team to win the National Golden Gloves title at the same time at their respective weight classes. From there, both turned to the pro ranks and while Mike was able to find fights on a regular basis, in the 60's there weren't as many opportunities for bantamweight fighters like Joe Cortez. Joe traveled with Gaspar Ortega as a sparring partner  and fought on some of his undercards but when the "Indian" retired in the late 60's, Joe followed him soon after having his last professional fight in 1971 with a record of 18-1   Boxrec only has him listed with about 12 bouts since some of the records for 4 and 6 round fights were not kept well during those days while fighting in Mexico on Gaspar"s undercards.

          1960-112 lb. New York Golden Gloves Novice Champion    

          1960-118 lb. New York Spanish Golden Gloves Open Champion

          1961-118 lb. New York Golden Gloves Open Champion

          1961-118 lb. Eastern Golden Gloves Champion

          1961-118 lb. National Golden Gloves "Intercity NY vs Chicago" Champion 

          1962 -126 lb. New York Spanish Golden Gloves Open Champion